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Creme de la mer moisturizing cream  is a soft luxurious Miracle broth known to deliver astonishing youthful radiance appearance. Creme de la mer moisturizing cream is one of the well-liked high-end anti-aging products and has won a series  of Best  Beauty Buys  and “must buy” awards’. This product is known to diminish dry skin, reduce pores, smooth out ageing lines and leave you with a remarkable firm look.

Creme de la mer moisturizing cream was surprisingly created by an aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber following an horrifying accident that  left him with severe chemical burns and scarred .This nutrient rich  Miracle Broth is made from of sea kelp and other natural ingredients,  it had taken Dr Huber many years to put together but had  left his skin with dramatic results such  as smoother, firmer skin, pores both becoming less visible and many more .

Creme de la mer moisturizing cream is available in other formulas such as ; lotions, gel cream, oil absorbing lotion & eye concentrating and are all meant to be equally rich and deliver the same youthful radiance  as the original Creme de la mel so be sure to select what’s best  suits you.

 Creme de la mer moisturizing cream is well known to the many who have already acquired it  and can easily be purchased online from any recognised store or simply buy from Amazon.

Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream Description & Application

  Creme de la mer moisturizing cream comes in boxed jars in various sizes from 30ml, 60ml, 250ml and 500ml and are priced from £95 to £1250 at time of writing this post.

Application –  To apply and activate the broth in order to release the key ingredients scoop and warm a small amount between finger and simply smooth/pat over clean dry skin.

 Creme De La Mer Moisturizing Cream Pros & Cons

Pros; has been known to

  • Hydrates dry skin quite well
  • Firms skin
  • Can see results pretty fast
  • Helps clears acne
  • Reduces scars
  • Plumbs skin & reduces lines
  • Helps skin glows
  • Formulas available for most types of skin & climates
  • Great scent.


  • Pretty expensive
  • Some claim it’s too sticky

Over all the pros do seem to outweigh the cons, although this product is pretty expensive it is nothing compared to going under the knife to get the ‘look’. In addition Creme de la mer moisturizing cream  comes in various formulary to help people select what best suit their skin and climate.  Thanks for reading

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