Fall/Winter Trends of 2012/13


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With the fall season we see a change in the air. The mornings are slightly chilly and very soon some parts of the country will start to experience snow. The autumn leaves are not the only things that are falling this year. Many of the beauty trends that were hot last year are also falling. 2012 brought about delirious changes in the fashion world.

This seasons’ fashion trend requires you to rummage through your grandmother’s closet. The designers have focused on retro mix with a mix of knitted tweeds, shawls and a mix of laces and floral patterns. Plaids are renewed for the season. The simple checkered pattern looks great as leather trimmed dress, skirt, shirt, and pair of printed jeans, sweater or coat. You can try the bold look with any style and of course you can easily pair it with chic accessory.

The fashion week was highlighted by bold colors and a mix of different materials. Color blocking has given way to fabric blocking. Designers have used two or more fabric materials that are put together in one simple dress. For example, BCBG used leather pockets and fur sleeves on wool. Though it may sound a bit odd, the entire look was splendid. Consumers are in love with this new trend and excited by the new line.

The colors used this year are like always traditional whites, camel, navys, deep reds and other dark shades have graced the runways this year and look divine. The best part of this years fall/winter trend is that designers have enjoyed using the school girl look. Think of Gossip Girl or any preppy European college. This look has gained positive reviews from most of the juniors market and kids and young adults enjoy the idea of a school look that they can sport with ease.

Another major trend that was loved during the fashion week was the return of the hemline and peplums. Frocks and skirts with electro-magnetic colors and dresses with psychedelic visuals further add to the appeal of the upcoming fashion trends. We also enjoyed watching models strut around in trends that were inspired from the 60s and showed elegance and grace that have evolved over the past few years.

Urban Decay Smoked Palette -Thinking Smoky, Jewel and Neutral Colors This Season


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Thinking Smoky, Jewel and Neutral Colors This Season

The Urban Decay Smoked Palette; Adding a New Dimension to Your Smoky Eye Makeup with a flair of Neutrality

Almost every woman dreams to have that perfect, smoky look for her eyes. But, painting your eyes in bright shades every other day may seem like a bit over-the-top. So, after the Naked and Naked 2 palettes for neutral lovers, here is a perfect solution for a smoky but neutral look; the Urban Decay Smoked Palette.

With ten smoldering neutral and jewel-toned shades, it is a perfect choice to give your eyes a subtle yet sexy and alluring look. Although a bit subdued for Urban Decay, the Palette seems to be the right launch for the season. In addition to the glamorous shades, the palette comes with an Eye-Pencil, the shade of deepest black, a Primer Potion to sustain the look all day long, and a tutorial book helping you to get 12 best Smokey looks.

Urban Decay Smoked Palette contains 5 never-seen-before shades including Kinky, Freestyle, Backdoor, Barlust, and Asphalt. 5 shades, although not new, are made with the latest formula of Urban Decay and include Mushroom, Blackout, Loaded, Evidence, and Rockstar. The long-lasting shades are accompanied by an Eye-Liner in the shade of Perversion.

Out of the new shades, all seem to be getting quite popular with their amazing appeal. The neutral shades of Kinky and Freestyle have their own personality while the Asphalt and Barlust shades are for a more chic look. The style book that comes along with Urban Decay Smoked Palette is also a very trendy and admired accessory, especially for learners.

The Palette is available for $49 and is worth its price in every possible way. The palette can be easily carried around since it is available in a zipped pouch for added safety. With the new formula, Urban Decay Smoked Palette gives a velvety rich and smoother texture, blends in well and has long-lasting results for as long as 12 hours.

For those who don’t want an eye-shade kit with too many colors, but something with more than three shades, this may be the right selection for a captivating look round the clock. So, get your palette from Urban Decay, Amazon or Sephora delivered to you at your doorstep. It just might be the look you have wanted all your life!

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