Nars Blush Swatches on Dark Skin- Exhibit A and Mac Raizin


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Nars blush swatches on dark skin -This is a brief swatch on Nars blush Exhibit A and Mac Blush Raizin both blushes have been in the market for a little while and this post mainly looks at each blush. At first sight Nars Blush Exhibit A  - looks ferociously bright red and you most likely will  ‘freak out’ and turn away , but it happens to be one incredible blush out their particularly for darker skin ebony ladies who range between the Mac NW 44/45/47 & 50 shades. Nars Blush Swatches on Dark skin Exhibt A is  usually priced between £21- £30 for 0.16oz depending on where you purchase it from and its packing looks fab!

Mac blush Raizin on the other hand most probably will not freak you out on first sight it has a reddish brown shade and is usually  priced between £15 to £20 for 0.21oz . It  is also  pretty  and suitable for ebony ladies   within the Mac range  skin tones/shade mentioned earlier. Packaging for Mac looks equally great too.


Below is a photo on both blushes on a Mac NW 45 & 50 shade sister.

Nars Blush Swatches on Dark skin- Exhibit A & Mac Raizin

Nars Blush Swatches on Dark skin





Nar Blush Exhibit A

Mac Blush Raizin


Flamboyant Red

Reddish Brown





Highly pigmented & Matte finish

Pigmented & Matte finish

Delivery of content

Light application

May require several applications  for results


Can produce overwhelming effects

Produces subtle effects

Nars Blush Swatches on Dark skin- Exhibit A & Mac Raizin 

Nars Blush Swatches on Dark skin -  Nars is excellent  and  high in pigmentation hence works quite well on dark skin ladies, it’s equally lovely on olive and fair skin tones  ladies once you get the application right . Nars Exhibit A is an all year rounder and will help produce that lovely rosy cheek effect during the winter and will give an awesome healthy glow in the summer.

Mac Blush Raizin, is grand if you all looking for that for a subtle natural effect/finish, although it can be built on to produce any desired result. Nars Blush Exhibit  A -will also deliver  a subtle  effect but is based on your application you simply do not require a lot. Both blushes works well on dark skin ladies and selecting one is all down to personal preference and choice, or better still  simply buy both.





Disclaimer – We are blogging mainly as a interest/hobby  and  are not proving any professional advice within this blog/post



Overnight Clearing Gel Dermalogica Reviews


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Overnight Clearing Gel  Dermalogica reviews -

Overnight Clearing Gel  Dermalogica  is an overnight treatment  with Salicylic Acid 2% deliberated  to help clear those unwanted spots, calm inflammation, eliminate bacteria and averts future breakouts by reducing excess sebum. This Overnight Clearing Gel  is one of  Dermalogica  skin care treatment products a company founded in 1983 by Jane Wurwand  who was driven by  an authentic passion for skincare health.

Dermalogica skin care products had been made initially available to only skin care professionals and  therapists associated with the brand and had undergone training in order to ensure all  customers receive the best advice .This has however changed and most Dermalogica skin care products can now be purchased with information leaflets online or from high street stores, this is obviously a huge advantage for those who cannot afford to pay extra to see a skin therapist.

Overnight Clearing Gel Dermalogica is reasonably priced between £32- £50 depending on where you purchase it from.  It’s known to work wonders obviously because it’s professionally designed by a company who are experts and truly determined to care for problematic skin, it also contains Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic Acid is commonly used as a medicinal and cosmetic agent; it is also recognized as a beta hydroxy acid used to treat acne. It is known to be helpful due to it’s ability to penetrate follicles promoting the shedding of dead skin cells subsequently helping in reducing the numbers of pore blockage and skin breakouts.

Directions to use – Overnight Clearing Gel Dermalogica

  • Use at night time by simply applying a thin layer on cleansed face then allow to absorb.

Overnight Clearing Gel Dermalogica reviews,  Size & Product Description.

This product as most Dermalogica skin care  products is in a white container which is durable but not particularly posh in it packaging. The Overnight Clearing Gel Dermalogica usually comes in 50ml and is of great texture with consistency.

 Overnight Clearing Gel Dermalogica reviews, based on the many who have Purchased and used this Product :


Known to help:

  • Clear up clog pores
  • Clears up spots & acne both old and new ones
  • An incredible preventative treatment
  • Has a  good balance of Salicylic acid
  • Some claim it’s helped reduced ingrown hairs
  •  Gentle on sensitive skin and a nor irritate
  • Does not  contain any harsh chemicals
  • Works faster than less costly similar products
  • Has a calming effect which helps inflammation and redness


  • Some claim it’s a bit sticky
  • Can over dry skin

Products containing Salicylic may cause skin irritation or dryness and it’s generally  recommend to  stop for a few days before starting again .It’s however very important to always read and follow instructions which accompanies each products.

In conclusion, this product has been described as amazing, an awesome miracle overnight treatment, magical gel and has won numerous beauty  awards  having  been classified as one the Best Spot Treatments .So it’s worth giving it a chance if you are considering buying one. It also has an Average consumers Rating of approximately  4.7 out of 5 not bad !!!




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